The Difference Between

Dog Behavior Modification & Dog Obedience Training

Jumping up, pulling on the lead, biting, mouthing, nipping, inappropriate toileting, aggression towards dogs, food aggression, aggression towards family members, pack aggression, stranger aggression, fear aggression, inattentiveness (dogs that won’t listen), poor recall (dogs that won’t come back when called), destructive behaviors, chasing cats, horses and livestock, over exuberance, nuisance barking, crying, yelping, howling, separation anxiety, digging, escaping, chewing, hyperactivity, item obsession, phobias or general disobedience.

Whatever your dog training requirements are, rest assured that our Bark Busters dog trainers can deal with any problem. Any dog, any age, whatever the issue, do not despair – Bark Busters can help!


Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in-home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur because it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. Bark Busters can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.


Henri is amazing! Very patient with my dog Bella, even though she can be stubborn at times. I have struggled training her and honestly didn’t know what else to do. One of my friends recommended Bark […]

Sarah | Stoneham

This was an amazing experience! My two labs had taken over my house. Jumping and scarng away my guests. Henri was so knowledgeable and patient. I can't believe the transformation. Wish I had done this […]

Trevor | Allston

Henri helped me remotely with my Pup Callae, She was a pup and had a lot of energy to burn off, He helped me enormously with her an made her the great obedient dog she is today, I would highly […]

phillip | Somerville, Middlesex

Henri was amazing! He was so good with my dog, Sugar, who was adopted from the animal shelter. She was having a hard time with reactivity, listening, and recently had a negative incident with another […]

Sarah | Everett

Henri helped me remotely with my 4 month old Golden Retriever, Maverick. I understand puppies need lots of patience and he has certainly proved it! Henri’s expertise and compassion towards my […]

Christopher | Stoneham

My dogs were driving me crazy, non-stop barking at everything and pulled so much on the walk I didn't even want to take them. Henri really has the magic touch. Within minutes Henri showed me what I […]

Scott | Allston

Finally able to walk my dog on leash. Great training , thanks so much! […]

Matthew | Charlestown

Henry was great!! He had a huge task to help me train my husky…possibly the most stubborn breed!! He knows how to explain in a way that was easy to understand. I’ve had to call back with new […]

Tara | revere

Absolutely wonderful, Henry was great during the lesson. I have a miniature Schnauzer with separation anxiety that used to cry every time we left the house. Thanks to Henry she's much more calm and […]

Kevin | Somerville, Middlesex

Henri was super professional and friendly. His instructions were very clear and extremely helpful. We IMMEDIATELY saw improvements with our puppy’s behavior. Would highly recommend him. […]

Brett | East Boston, Suffolk

Henry was really great today with my dog! I was really surprised with how my pup responded during our first session. The methods he taught me were easy to practice and understand. He guided me though […]

Joshua | Charlestown

Henri was amazing! He was super friendly and very knowledgeable! I couldn't believe the difference in Lucky's behavior after just one lesson. I can actually have guests over and not have my dog jump […]

Sarah | Revere

Henri is a great dog trainer who understands fundamentals of dog behavior. He’s professional and also very knowledgeable of quick approaches and solutions to help dog owners live their best life […]

Jill | revere

We have an 8 month old Lab mix and is highly energetic and food driven. We were having a few behavioral issues that go along with a highly energetic puppy such as counter and table surfing. He […]

Brendan | Somerville, Middlesex

Was looking for a dog trainer for awhile now. It is overwhelming with the amount of options out there. We decided to go with Henri and we do not regret our decision. He really helped us teach our dog, […]

Casey | Somerville, Middlesex

Henri is a terrific guy and a master at working with dogs and people. He is patient, thorough, attentive and has a gift to understand the issues fully and develop techniques that work incredibly. I […]

Geffrey | Charlestown

Thank you for all The education you gave us really helping us understand how to speak dog and have a better communication and leadership with our pups . I highly recommend Henri he is really […]

Lissette | Medford, Middlesex

Henry is awesome! His method of training helps you to understand how to train and communicate with your dog in a natural way that produces immediate results. I highly recommend talking to Henry if you […]

Marc | Medford, Middlesex